Becoming MacGyver

Becoming MacGyver

Being a business owner, a true business owner, isn't about always doing the things you want to do. It's about doing what must be done in order to advance your company. A company will only be as strong as the business owner that is at the helm. And the business owner will only be able to lead the company if they commit to the personal work that must be done.

Back to Basics (Audio Included)

In the day we live in there has never been more opportunity to have a successful business. But there is a problem. We are surrounded by noise & shining bright objects that take our attention away from the main thing. It's time to get back to the basics of doing business.

Business leaders are splitting their vision is being split into multiple non strategic paths that can usher in a sense of desperation instead of confidently leading in the marketplace. In today's blog I share with you three tips on how to get back to basics and on track to be profitable.

How business leaders push through the fear.

"Success comes to those that un-apologetically go after it, ferociously without pause."

If you're looking for a community of business owners that want more because they know they deserve it & also know they are in the right space to be transparent while getting the support they need I invite you to join us. 

I must warn you that throughout this process together it won't always feel comfortable and in all honesty it's not supposed to. If success came comfortably everyone would be rich.

The New Age of Networking

How many times have you returned back to your office from a conference only to stare at a stack of business cards without any idea of who is who from the names staring back at you? The best way to avoid this is first to not be the person that hands out a card to everyone they walk by. The second is to engage in purposeful dialogue with each person, as much as possible, and in return give them something of value.

"How do I provide value to people I meet but I only have a short amount of time to talk to?"

Here are three ways that you can maximize the investment of attending the conference while also standing out.


How Protest & Social Issues Impact Your Bottom Line

Last night many celebrities and everyday individuals came out in a stand of unity against a cause they feel is near and dear to their hearts. This is not a commentary to make the case to stand with these causes or not. This blog is a resource for CEOs, Business Leaders and Executives that are waking up this morning to ask themselves the question 'How does this impact our business & what adjustments, if any, do we need to make?"

This is a very valid and timely question.

The Call for Leadership

The role of being a leader isn't easy, it actually can be lonely at times. The definition of leadership, as defined by Google, is 'the action of leading a group of people or an organization'. The key word in that definition is 'action'. Unfortunately, somewhere over the past few years the business world has inadvertently redefined action and replaced it with 'the act of being busy'.

Being consistently busy doesn't mean you're successful

An example of this are employees wasting time in unproductive meetings, working in silos & launching projects that create more confusion than ROI. What's the solution? Leadership is needed & desperately.

How to Engage Employees to Reach Year End Goals

It's that time of year around the globe when the thoughts of most employees go towards preparing decorations for the upcoming holidays, planning parties and get together's with loved ones. One item, that is often unknowingly pushed to the back burner, are the plans needed to reach the goals set at the beginning of the year during this last quarter of 2017.

Re-focusing employee efforts, and focus, around this time of the year can be a struggle. Here are three quick tips to keep employees engaged and on target to reach the goals.

How technology is replacing jobs (faster than you think)

Advanced technology is being used in more than just our devices it could replace key employee jobs.

For business leaders the change is just as important to take notice of & ask the question, 'how do you determine which technology is best for your organization as it looks towards the future'.   Here are three tips of how your company can prepare for this change & stand out in the industry.