"LaDawn has the ability to identify the core problems that negatively impacted our organization led to projects that not only improved operational performance, but more importantly significantly improved customer experience.

Tom Helock, Senior Vice President, Fortune 100 Bank, Charlotte NC


“The strategy LaDawn created increased the sales of an existing best selling program by an additional $40K, within a few months! She also created a streamlined process to on-board new employees and support my growing business”


"Working with LaDawn was not only powerful but also enlightening. I created a six figure business whilst on my maternity leave and I had learned so much but there were certain areas that I struggled with as it was my first business. They helped me put a strategy in place for the next 6 months in regard to marketing.

During the VIP Strategy Session the plan was created on how to deliver my tele-classes and also how to position myself at some high profile events in order to showcase my brand. My advisor has an amazing way of seeing the potential in each system and has a unique talent for seeing holes in a system and finding s way to repair it in order to make your system watertight.

I love working with LaDawn and I look forward to working with them in the future."

Noor Hibbert - Tedx Speaker, Hayhouse Author, 6 figure Business and Life Success Coach, London


"After completing my VIP Strategy day it has helped me tremendously! I feel like I have my life back. The session came at a time in my life when my business was really growing. After doing the VIP day I realized I could afford to raise my prices and bring on the team I need in my business"

Nargis Cross, Published Editorial & Branding Photographer, London


LaDawn get’s it! She understands exactly what we need and delivers.

-David Bragg, CEO of SDB Group a Solar Consulting Firm

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