Motivational Moment #1: Making 2017 the Best Year Ever

When we are children the world seems full of adventure. Any & everything is possible.

But, we all know what happens next, right? Reality sets in. Specifically, the reality that far too many adults know very intimately. It's not even a true reality it's a false perception that we fall victim too of thinking this is how our lives have to be.

Many of life circumstances contribute to this: debt, betrayal, disappointments, the list could go on and on.

But how do we shift out of the matrix and into the reality we want for our lives? It all starts with setting a non negotiable committement to go after the goals we have set for our lives. In this first episode of "Motivational Moment", we explore how to make 2017 the best year ever & setting yourself up for 2018.

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Episode # 19- Girl Got a Business with Choreographer & Author Jessica Elliott


Jessica Elliott is a Choreographer, Author & Business Coach for Millennials that want to turn their passion into a profitable business. Her experience of owning & selling multiple franchises, working with Hollywood studios such as Universal Pictures, Marvel Studios & the BBC makes her clients in demand. 

This week Jessica shares with us how she started with passion & turned that into a thriving business.

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Episode #18: Building Wealth & a Strong Marriage-Martin & Chelsea Matthews

Martin & Chelsea Matthews are authors of the popular book "Let's Fight About Money". The book tackles the issues around couples and money. The Matthews are also award winning financial professional and speakers.

Today on the podcast they share with us how to keep both your financial house & your relationships strong around the topic of money.



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Episode 16: Unlocking the Feminine Power Within -Womens Empowerment Coach Riguhey Andreau


"You only share your story with those that have earned the trust to hear it." This week join us for a heartfelt conversation with women's empowerment & transformation coach Riguhey Andreau.  She shares her remarkable story of overcoming adversity, trauma and how she is helping other women to do the same in their business & personal life.


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Episode # 13: Jarrod Glandt with Cardone Technologies -Taking the Struggle Out of Selling

This Business and Sales expert isn’t going to tell you to lower prices to reach your goals. The sales methodology that Jarrod Glandt & his team at Cardone Training Technologies teaches has been adopted by multiple industries as the efficient and transparent way to navigate sales transactions.

This Wednesday June 28th on Game Changer Tribe Radio join us for a fresh talk on “Taking the Struggle out of Sales”



Episode #12: When Companies Fail "Surviving a Layoff"

It’s time to get uncomfortable!  Today we have a honest conversation about “When Companies Fail. How to survive a layoff”

This can impact everyone. If your a business owner or a employee when companies hand out pink slips it can impact all of us.


Just this month :

-Time magazine laying off 300 people
-Sears cutting 400 employees
-Canada’s Hudson Bay Company (oil & gas) 2000 jobs
-Lord & Taylor 2000 jobs
-Amazon is buying Whole Foods, cutbacks are coming!

Learn tips on how you can guide your company through the storm when everyone around you is letting employees go to remain profitable. Are you a employee with no other source of income? This episode is definitely for you to learn how to create a plan B that might become your plan A.

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Episode #10: Say Yes to You

Have you ever been facing with a decision that could impact the rest of your life? Are you ready to make a change in your personal life but don't have the support from friend or family?

In this week's episode we share with you 3 of the top tips to help you push past difficult decision & make moves that set you up for success.


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Episode #8: Sean Redmond-You're an Expert, So Charge Like One!

Are your skills and talents in demand but your bank account doesn't look like it?  Are you struggling with making the decision to increase your prices? What if the answer wasn't found in another course but by claiming your place as being the expert in your field.

On this episode of Game Changer Tribe Radio our special guest expert Sean Redmond will unlock the formula of how to finally charge you're worth.

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Episode #7: Greg Walker-Defining Destiny-It's Never Over Unless You Quit

Your past doesn't define your future! Ready to step into your destiny? Join us for episode # 7, "Defining Your Destiny: It’s Never Over Unless You Quit", this Wednesday with Greg Walker:

-#1 Best Selling Author "Dream to Grow Rich"
-Keynote Speaker
-Owner of 3 National Franchises

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Episode # 6: Dee Reid, Success Coach-“From Good to Bad-A$$ How to be Unapologetically You!"

As a rebellious Success Coach, Dee Reid, is on a mission to cut the BS from your life, help you take massive action and live the life that you want to LIVE.

In this interview Dee gives us a transparent look into the life of a entrepreneur that is transitioning from a corporate job into creating their own business.

Ready for a shift in your life? Buckle up & tune in!

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