Professional Bio


A southern California native, LaDawn is a Revenue Growth Strategist & Professional Speaker with over twenty years of hands on experience delivering results to Fortune 100 companies along with both Small & Medium businesses. 

Her work has resulted in:

-50% reduction in operating expenses

-Save $1.1 million in annual payroll

-47% improvement in logistics operations and shipping time frames

Her Background:

She is trained in Six Sigma Green Belt process improvement and Technology Project Management, delivering quantifiable results for her clients. Her career started when, growing up, she worked along side her family in their business.

Her Why:

After surviving a major corporate lay-off of not only herself, but her bosses and co-workers, she is passionate about working with business owners to increase the revenue in their business and streamline processes to create a stable foundation that deepens the customer base so the company can avoid 'lay-off' trap.

My path to success. A little more of my story.

I never thought I would work in Corporate America for over twenty years.

That wasn’t my plan but that is what my life turned out to be, until the day my good paying, benefit giving executive job broke up with me. On November 2014 I received the call no one wants to get “LaDawn, our team has been let go including you.

That is when the adventure really began.

I come from entrepreneurs parents and since the age of 8 ‘working’ is all that I knew. Summers and weekends were spent working together as a family so it was a shock to everyone (including me) when not only I went into Corporate America right after graduating High School but I stayed in it for so long.

I thought that was the path to stability and the financial freedom that I wanted. It is for some but not for everyone and here’s is why.

  • True financial security and freedom lies within your hands

  • We each have been given a unique skill or ability that isn’t just to be used in working for someone else

It is the very key to unlock the life that you really want. You know the one? The life that plays in your mind day and night. The life that you have plastered all over vision boards and every year you say this will be the year.

I lived in that fantasy of waiting for my life to begin one day for over a decade before I took the leap or what I fondly call the push that I received that November day in 2014. Sounds like it was all a success from that point right? An entrepreneur since birth gets laid off and makes her business a winning success?

Not in the least bit. After being laid off I gave my business a go and it didn’t go very far at all so back to the Corporate world I went. But this time it was different.

I committed myself to building the leadership discipline I needed in order to do whatever needed to be done to get my business off the ground. It called for late nights, early mornings, very little time to hang out with family & friends and it was all because I made a vow to myself that after wasting so many years on focusing on the wrong things:

“I would never again be a woman that didn’t have the financial options she desired for her life. Ever!”

Today I bring over twenty years of hands on experience backed by proven results to my clients. I look forward to speaking with you soon and also working with you.

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