Your organization isn’t at the level of success that you want.

Hello I’m LaDawn, a secret weapon to your next level of success.

Your company is meeting the sales goals however the revenue gets lost after the sale is closed. Why?

After over twenty years of being a ‘fixer’ for some of the top Fortune 100 global companies and also supporting small businesses here is what I’ve found:

  • Your company is cash rich and operational poor

  • There is a poor hand off once the sale is closed

  • Creating a mismanaging of revenue and a disjointed experience for your customer

  • This experience leads to less clients renewing their contracts, negative reviews and overworked employees

You've paid consultants for a strategic plan and the result is that you are now left with a binder of ideas without a clear plan of what to do next or the support needed to execute the plan.

Through my proven 11 points Strategy System I take your company from scattered operations and systems to a company ready to scale.

I’ve delivered solutions to

"LaDawn has the ability to identify the core problems that negatively impacted our organization led to projects that not only improved operational performance, but more importantly significantly improved customer experience.

Tom Helock, Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 Bank, Charlotte NC

Assess the problem

By blending elements of lean Six Sigma analysis with a proprietary methodology to identify the core areas of opportunity to improve the performance of your organization with strategic solutions.

leadership Support

Many times as a companies scale the last area given support is often the CEO and executive team. The core principle of my work provides leadership development through a unique approach cultivated over twenty years working with executives.


deliver a customized Solution

Based on the detailed analysis that is completed we will work together to co-create a strategic solution, specific to your company, to fill the gap between setting and reaching the goal.


Educate your team

Specialized training designed specifically for the needs of the staff to support the direction of the company and ensure all efforts are aligned to reaching the organization goals.

Stellar Client Experience

The client experience will make or break your company. I will design a carefully crafted client experience that will align to your brand and revenue goals.


Execute the plan

Working alongside your team I will support the project to see the solutions are delivered across the finish line with a complete readiness plan for the organization.

“The strategy LaDawn created increased the sales of an existing best selling program by an additional $40K, within a few months! She also created a streamlined process to on-board new employees and support my growing business”

Amanda Abella, CEO of Amanda Abella, Corporate Brand Ambassador & Blogger


Customer Cancellations

When existing clients are increasingly not renewing their contracts and you feel the weight of the loss of income in reduced cash flow

Customer complaints

When the CEO and C-Suite team are repeatedly engaged in operational process clean up and/or customer complaint escalations

zero return on investment

When leaders discover teams are applying routine solutions to problems without thinking more creatively about their options, creating little or no ROI for launched initiatives

Unproductive Employee Activities

When teams are trapped in analysis paralysis, while working in silos performing extra analysis to put off vital decision making & missing valuable insight from people in other areas

negative experience with previous consultants  

When you’ve previously paid consultants for solutions to only be left with a binder of ideas and not the support needed to execute the change

"Working with LaDawn was not only powerful but also enlightening. I created a six figure business whilst on my maternity leave and I had learned so much but there were certain areas that I struggled with as it was my first business. She helped me put a strategy in place for the next 6 months in regard to marketing.

During the VIP Strategy Session the plan was created on how to deliver my tele-classes and also how to position myself at some high profile events in order to showcase my brand. My advisor has an amazing way of seeing the potential in each system and has a unique talent for seeing holes in a system and finding s way to repair it in order to make your system watertight.I love working with LaDawn and I look forward to working with her in the future."

Noor Hibbert - Tedx Speaker, Hayhouse Author, 6 figure Business and Life Success Coach, London

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